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Blue Yacht

Blue Yacht is a newborn film production house based in Mumbai. It was incorporated in the year 2019, with the sole intention of creating content-driven stories that enthrall and enlighten audiences. Focused primarily on short films and feature films, Blue Yacht is a brand intent on pushing the frontiers of soul stirring storytelling.­­



We envision a future where Blue Yacht is one of the prominent film production houses in India, known for films that are nationally and internationally acclaimed.



To work towards widening Blue Yacht’s repertoire of short and feature films and create a global and nationwide impact both in terms of quality and appeal.



Our values at Blue Yacht reflect who we are, including what we stand for as a Company.



We uphold the highest integrity in all our endeavors.


A Winning spirit

Our inherent drive and confidence is what makes us going.  

The Team

The People of Blue Yacht

Nilip Deb is the founder and creative director of Blue Yacht Films
Nilip Deb

Founder & Creative director

Swapnnil Ralkar is the co-founder of Blue Yacht Films
Swapnnil Ralkar


Neel Choudhury is the creative director of Blue Yacht Films
Neel Choudhury


Anindita Kalita is the creative director of Blue Yacht Films
Anindita Kalita


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